Memphis Top 5: ghosts, Elvis and a pyramid.

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I’ve been thinking of different ways to remember the places I’ve been  recently, as well recommending different things to do there for anyone planning a trip. I have started a first impressions of the places I’ve visited (see the series here) and so I’ve decided to do another series of my top things to do wherever I visit. These will be places in the UK as well as overseas.

I mentioned in my first impressions of Memphis that when we got to the city we had just spent the summer as camp counsellors. We had earned money while there but I was awful at spending it all on the weekends. So we were aiming to not spend a massive amount of money here. There is loads to do in Memphis for a little bit coin like the music studios and various museums (some in the city are free of course), but most of my favourite things we ended up doing on our trip were free. I have included some things that we did spend on but nothing was more than $40 for us. So here is my top 5 things to do while in Memphis:

 1. Ghost Walk

Cost: $20 for an adult ticket. I obviously wouldn’t recommend taking children.

This might not be for everyone, but if you are interested in a guided tour of Memphis’ spooky past then I would definitely give it a shot. Walking around the city at night while being taught about its past, and of course, the ghost stories that have been born within it is a great way to kill a few hours.

Our tour guide told all the stories in such a cool way, having you scared to enter buildings but laughing at the same time. The tour itself took us to various of the cities historic buildings such as the Orphium Theatre and the oldest pub in Memphis (where you stop for a drink). ghost showed up for us but we got a pretty cheap and entertaining history lesson, so I’ll take that.

Check out tickets to the tour company we used here.

2. Graceland

Cost: Tickets range from $39-65 depending on what you want to see (there are also VIP options that start over $100).

If you are a die hard Elvis Priestly fan or not, Graceland is somewhere you need to visit. The home of the King is extravagant to say the least. The tour takes you through the ground floor of the home (the upstairs is still private as Elvis didn’t like strangers going there) and through the gardens and outhouses, which include an awards building, stables and a gym.

It includes an audio tour which tells you stories about Elvis’ life and everything he achieved as you travel through where it all happened. I still say you should check it out even if you aren’t a huge fan though just because of the, to be honest, ‘wackiness’ (is that a word?). Its definitely stepping out of reality and into a dream world of gold and carpeted kitchens.

In Memphis soon? Buy tickets to Graceland here. You won’t regret it.

3. The Memphis Pyramid

Cost: Free to explore.

For anyone who loves the bizarre and over the top the Memphis Pyramid is a must see. It is a hotel/shopping centre built within a huge glass pyramid. When you get inside you enter a a cabin leading to a lake surrounded by woods. I mean, its all man made but the details are incredible.

If you’re not into hunting or outdoor gear, which I can’t say I am, the shops won’t interest you. It is, however, something different and extravagant that may not be on your list but should be. We stumbled on this place by accident but quickly became a talking point for the rest of the trip.

Check out what the Pyramid has to offer here.

4. Street Art

Cost: Free.

Street art is usually a great reflection of a city. It usually always incorporates either the cities past or current position. Exploring a city looking for cool street art will take you down streets you might not have explored otherwise. Memphis is no different. We spent so much time stopping to admire the artwork on the streets that it quickly became one of my favourite things about the city.

The vibe of Memphis was clearly shown in the street art we saw around the street. It always caught your eye and gave the city the heart it’s famous for. There is also always the fact that it makes for a killer background to your travel instagrams. So I would honestly recommend exploring the city in search of it as one of my top things to do in Memphis.

5. Beale Street at Night

Cost: Free to explore. (Drinks prices range anywhere from $4-11 for those wondering haha)

Beale Street is the heart of Memphis’s jazz scene and is not to be missed by anyone visiting. The atmosphere here is chilled during the day, with live music seemingly 24/7. Night time brings this street into its full glory and is when I would suggest checking it out. Bright lights and live jazz bands fill up the street and give you exactly what you expected from Memphis.

If you are planning an evening out drinking this is the place to go as a tourist. I had to include it in my Top 5 of Memphis because it’s where we had the most fun. We would always use Beale Street as our centre, exploring further but ending up back here in the end. We also found our ghost walk tickets mentioned before inside the BB Kings bar at the top of Beale Street.

So there they are..the top 5 things that made Memphis for me. I really hope this has been useful for anyone planning a trip or even just those wondering what the city had to offer. I have tried to link everything I could but if I’ve missed something just ask away and I will do my best to answer in a helpful way!

Check out more of my posts here and follow me to see my future posts. My next posts are going to be on exploring what Orlando has to offer. Keep an eye out. I appreciate all feedback so comment and like away.

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